Sleep Well and Be Well details:


Sunday 7 October,10.45am - 1pm


The Hayloft

3 Bond Street

London W4 1QZ

Invest in yourself:

Early Bird: £80 per person, or £150 for two (booked by 29 September)

Regular rate: £90 per person, or £170 for two

Places strictly limited. Must be booked in advance

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​Are you...

...Really tired, but just too wired to drop off to sleep?

...Finding yourself lying awake in the wee hours?

...Waking up feeling weary and wiped out? 

Join us at Sleep Well and Be Well and learn a wealth of simple diet, lifestyle and exercise tips to address your sleep issues - and set you up for long term wellness.

Go on, you owe it to yourself to 

Sleep Well and Be Well!  

 qualified Nutritional therapist based in CLAPHAM & BATTERSEA


Sleep Well and Be Well!

Is it your dream to sleep better? Well, we can help with that...

What you will get:


  • A nutritious Nightcap smoothie shot
  • Practical sleep nutrition tips 
  • Delicious soporific food tasters
  • A #5 Sleep Hack handout
  •  A bespoke and relaxing Stretch class
  • Relaxation techniques to take away
  • AND a fabulous Kip Bag to take home filled with:
    ​- Our sleep inducing recipes
    - A Slumber Shopping List

    - A bunch of treats to help your kip 

​Your Hosts

Rachel Lawrence and I share a philosophy for empowering our clients to unlock wellness across mind, body and spirit. We both believe the more people understand how diet, lifestyle and exercise affect how the body functions, the better they will be able to look after their long term health. 

Ali - I relish helping busy people to increase their energy levels and improve their eating habits so they feel so much better. And I love translating proven nutritional science into practical nutrition nudges that will pack a real punch for you!

Rachel Lawrence Pilates
Rachel - is a fully Certified Pilates Instructor and is passionate about passing on the many benefits of Pilates to others - including how to build strong postural muscles, flexibility and improved body composition.  Learn more about Rachel.

Sunday 7 October:  10.45am - 1pm

Would you like to learn simple tips to get to sleep faster, stop waking at 4 am or to rise in the morning feeling more refreshed and energised?

If you said “Yes!”, you’re not alone. We're facing a sleep deficit epidemic – with only a third of us getting the recommended 7-9 hours sleep a night.

Elephants may only need 4 hours sleep a night, but we definitely need more! And we need to take this seriously because lack of sleep can lead to weight gain, inflammation, type 2 diabetes, increased risk of heart disease - and other chronic life-limiting illnesses.

Sounds like a complete wellbeing nightmare? The good news is many sleep issues can be settled with simple diet, fitness and lifestyle fixes. And our Sleep Well and Be Well workshop could be a healthful light bulb moment for you, helping to transform your energy, focus, mood and long term health outcomes.

Sleep Well Naturally…

Drawing on their deep knowledge of Nutrition and Pilates, Ali and Rachel will share practical food, fitness and lifestyle tips designed to coach you to a better night’s sleep.

Quality slumber can have the biggest single influence on your mood, motivation and mental performance. And there’s strong evidence sleep enriches learning, memory, creativity, emotional stability, immune function, tissue repair, blood glucose control, controls appetite, body weight… and much more.

Sleep Well Nourishment… 

Backed by the latest science, Ali will put key sleep myths to bed. I'll share practical tips on how food, eating patterns and lifestyle can tackle imbalances and root causes which can disrupt sleep. I'll shine the light on natural sleep aids and hacks, like:

  • Your sleep thieves - and how to send them packing
  • How to get your body clock to tick over properly
  • Surprising fruits which can help you nod off
  • How to balance your sleep and wake hormones
  • A key mineral which can help you relax and sleep through the night

Sleep Well Exercise and Relaxation... 

Rachel will reveal the right type of exercise, and when to do it, to get the best possible sleep.

Regular exercise significantly improves the sleep of people with chronic insomnia. Rachel will guide you on the best night time routine to help you get a good night's sleep. She will share her exercise knowledge with her wellbeing wisdom about how to induce a great night’s sleep through exercise and relaxation.

She’ll also coach you on a simple mindfulness/relaxation technique you can use for yourself at home.