We will give you


  • An inspiring stress-free setting
  • Healthy lunch, smoothie and snacks
  • Stress busting nutrition tip sheet
  • Fuss free meal planner and recipes
  • The tools to create your own stress busting self care plan
  • Be Good to Yourself treats bag

​Are you...

...Feeling overwhelmed,or not dealing with stress as well as you used to?

...Increasingly feeling tired, but are too wired to relax or sleep properly?

...often grabbing the wrong foods or drinks when you are up against it?

If you've just said 'Yes', you need to Be Good to Yourself... So join us.You'll take home simple stress beating habits to build your inner reserves - and a newfound sense of calm! 

Be Good to Yourself: Stress Resilience Workshop

Combining Nutrition, Pilates and Life Coaching to nurture and de-stress you

Be Good to Yourself:


Saturday 21 Sept 12pm - 6pm
In a fab studio on Brighton Beach 

To reduce the stress and hassle for Londoners, we are providing transport to whisk you to and from Brighton.​​

Invest in yourself: it is £150 per person with transport from West London; or £270 for two places

Local residents, or those making their own way there, pay just £99 for the day

All attendees will all be eligible for a discounted nutritional therapy package

To reserve your place - email me, or click the Book Now button. Places are limited, so book soon 


​Your Hosts

Rachel Lawrence and I both like to empower our clients to unlock wellness across mind, body and spirit. We both know the more people understand how diet, lifestyle and exercise affect how the body functions, the better they will be able to look after themselves and their long term health. 

I have delivered nutritional stress resilience building sessions to a range of groups. 

Rachel Lawrence Pilates
Rachel - is a fully Certified Pilates Instructor and is passionate about passing on the many benefits of Pilates to others - including how to build strong postural muscles and the improved body composition which can help you to store less fat around your middle.  Learn more about Rachel.

Kerwin Hack is an experienced personal coach and trainer. He loves to help his clients clarify their goals and optimise their achievements. 

  Be Good to Yourself!
Pause. Immerse. De-stress.

 qualified Nutritional therapist based in CLAPHAM & BATTERSEA

Saturday 21 September 2019, in Brighton 

Take a breather: Relaxation and resilience retreat by the seaside

When did you last take real breathing space to focus your mind, body and spirit on how to combat the stresses in your life? We all need to practice self-care, but this often gets squeezed from our busy lives...

At our Be Good to Yourself workshop we will provide a nurturing and supportive setting for harried people who want to find more balance, resilience and calm - naturally. 

Our mini retreat day includes…

  • A soothing welcome smoothie served at our calming space on the beachfront
  • Two nutrition sessions with me, covering:
    - The damage long term stress wreaks across our body and mind
    - How you can restore key nutrients burnt out by stress
    - 5 vital dietary stressors to avoid
    - Practical tips for no bother food prep and hassle-free meal times
    - How to smooth out stress hormones, shift from stress to calm - and rewire your frazzled brain
  • Two targeted Pilates classes - one to de-stress and relax you; the other to positively energise you
  • Life coaching to help you reflect, regain a sense of control and tackle issues feeding your stress
  • The chance to define your own potent and sustaining self care commitments
  • A healthy mindful lunch, snacks and drinks

All our advice and tips are based on the latest proven science around stress how it affects us - and will be simple and practical. You just need to give yourself permission to attend...