​Are you...

Finding it harder to keep your weight and waistline under control?

Wanting to bounce back in 2020?

Confused by all the conflicting diet and exercise advice now out there?

Join Shift your Middle! in 2020 and pick up simple do-able diet, lifestyle and exercise habits which can burn more fat, shift your body shape and boost your vitality. 

​Your Hosts

Rachel Lawrence and I share a strong philosophy for empowering our clients to unlock wellness across mind, body and spirit. We both know the more people understand how diet, lifestyle and exercise affect how the body functions, the better they will be able to look after themselves and their long term health. 

I relish helping busy people increase their energy levels, loses weight - and improve their eating habits, without going hungry. This workshop will give you practical nutrition tips that will pack a real punch.

Rachel Lawrence Pilates
Rachel - is a fully Certified Pilates Instructor and is passionate about passing on the many benefits of Pilates to others - including how to build strong postural muscles and the improved body composition which can help you to store less fat around your middle.  Learn more about Rachel.

Sunday 1 March 2020, in Chiswick 

Boost your metabolism. Target your tum.

I meet many people who are confused and disheartened after repeated dieting, calorie counting and yo yo-ing results. But despite working so hard, their waistlines still expand... But there is a solution - our Shift your Middle in 2020 workshop! 


It really is possible to eat well, feel well AND lose weight without feeling deprived or doing extreme exercise which makes you feel exhausted or broken! In Shift your Middle 2020 we will share no-nonsense nutrition and exercise advice and a powerful path to target stubborn belly fat, shape you up - and keep you that way. 

With our total wellbeing approach we will empower to take charge. You'll be: 


  • How to shift your body composition, including Muscle Mass, Visceral Fat rating and your personal Metabolic Age (optional)
  • How to turn off your fat storing hormones, target midriff weight loss - and cut your risk for key chronic diseases 
  • The  emerging role of a healthy gut microbiome
  • More about cravings and how to curb them


Rachel will coach you with targeted resistance and weight bearing Pilates exercises designed to strengthen key muscle groups, speed up your metabolism and tone that troublesome tummy area.


  • Your mind, body and spirit - to build your knowledge strength and commitment to change 
  • You with slimline snack tips and tasters

Shift your Middle in 2020: Weight Loss & Wellbeing Workshop

Nutrition nuggets + the power of Pilates to get you in shape for the new decade

Shift your Middle, the details:


Sunday 1 March, 10.45 -1pm


The Hayloft

3 Bond Street,

London W4 1QZ

Invest in yourself: £75 per person, or £140 for two

Places strictly limited. Must be booked in advance

To reserve your place - email me


 qualified Nutritional therapist based in CLAPHAM & BATTERSEA

  Shift your Middle! Workshop
Boost your metabolism.  Target your tum.

We will give you


  • A 'shape up' smoothie shot
  • Your Body Composition data (opt)
  • 8 ways to leaner body composition
  • Bespoke calorie burning Pilates class
  • A new healthy eating meal planner
  • Access to a FREE online workout with Rachel, you can take any time
  • PLUS a Shift your Middle goodie bag​