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"With Ali's help I've reduced my tiredness and stress levels.

After listening to what I wanted to achieve, Ali gave me tailored advice which fitted with my hectic lifestyle.  Ali’s expert guidance made it easier to change what and when I was eating, and I soon found I was sleeping better with fewer energy dips.  I also lost a few pounds without thinking about it.

Ali really helped to keep me on track with a series of motivational email tips. Her shopping suggestions were also really helpful. After several months of eating healthy choices and looking after myself my stress levels went down from 7 to just 3.”
Paul S 

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Founder: Ali Prentice

Qualifications: BSc, Dip ION, FdSc Nutritional Therapy   


Areas of expertise: Nutrition, healthy cooking, coaching, behaviour change 

"Ali has genuinely helped transform my life!


After being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease I was at a low ebb.  I got in touch with Ali to see how changing what I ate and drank could support me. She helped me understand what was happening in my gut and which diet and lifestyle triggers were likely to be contributing to my attacks, and explained how I could help protect myself against future episodes. 

Together we agreed a step-by-step strategy I was confident I could take on. With Ali’s amazing help and encouragement I have managed to keep to a healthy protocol which has healed my gut and balanced my immune responses. My symptoms have almost completely gone and I have been able to live a ‘normal’ life for several years.  Thanks to Ali, I now feel well enough to train for next year’s London Marathon!

I’ve also happily recommended Ali’s caring and professional services to several other sufferers.”
Joss M 

Say hello to the new you!

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 qualified Nutritional therapist based in CLAPHAM & BATTERSEA

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​"Ali provided an outstanding service to our school.

She ran workshops for our children and parents encouraging greater nutritional awareness and the skills to prepare healthy foods within a restricted family budget.

Staff and parents both commented on her excellent 'people skills' and ability to make the new learning really accessible at exactly the right pitch. As a result, we saw an immediate impact on the quality of packed lunches brought to school.  

I look forward to engaging Ali's services again."   

Jan H

Success Stories

I first became interested in the connection between good health and the food we eat while growing up in a family with allergies.  And when I had my own children I became even more fascinated. So I took myself back to uni and completed a Nutritional Therapy degree ten years ago.

I’ve also always been intrigued by what makes people tick and used my first degree, in Psychology, to underpin a career in employee communications and change management. I’m now blending these life experiences together. Using the latest proven nutritional science with my knowledge of human behaviour, healthy food choices and coaching techniques I can help someone just like you to be better informed about your unique health problems and wellbeing - and guide you to take on new healthy habits which will really stick.

Whether you need help with a specific health issue, or simply want to embrace a healthier lifestyle you can take advantage of my free Discovery conversation to see if you would like to work with me. 

Optimising your wellness is important to me 


We are all different. So, imagine how a personalised nutrition programme could help you know what to eat to achieve a healthier YOU.

Many of us consume much the same foodstuffs week-in and week-out. It’s hard to know what foods are actually best for us and to get out of our own comfort-food zone and try different foods and nutrients.

I can help you. I can suggest foods to alleviate symptoms, bring your body back into balance and boost your vitality. I can inspire you to make educated new nutritional choices and take back control. But I can only do this if we work as a team to create the new you…