We all have super busy lives. But too much stress can make us neglect our core needs and wears us down. We all need take a breath. And press 'pause'. And where better to catch your breath and Be Good to Yourself than in a beautiful studio on a Brighton beach? 

Join us on Saturday 21 September. Our amazing stress-busting mix of Nutrition, Pilates and Life Coaching will nurture you back to a new, resilient version of yourself.

Sounds good? Be Good to Yourself and check out more on this powerful one day, mini retreat. And stress not, transport from London is provided! 

Sleeping well?

Menu of Services

We are all different. And with so much confusing diet info out there it's hard to know what is best for us. For each client, I take trusted nutrition science and make it do-able. So you can improve your own health with confidence and ease.   

I'm Ali, a nutritionist and wellbeing consultant in London. I can help you adopt new diet and lifestyle habits which will boost your health and zest for life!

Welcome Wellness!

 qualified Nutritional therapist based in CLAPHAM & BATTERSEA

I offer a range of personalised nutrition services for adults and children. These cover tailored advice, coaching, healthy meal plans & prep and savvy shopping:     

Almost all my clients seem to have some sort of sleep issue. Not being able to get to sleep, waking for hours in the night, waking too early or waking up as tired as they went to bed... Lack of sleep has serious consequences. Studies show having six or less hours sleep a night affects memory, decision making - and increases the risk of several chronic diseases.

The good news is a range of different diet and lifestyle habits can have a real impact on improving sleep quality. ​For a taster, check out my easy shut-eye supporting Cashew Cream 'Cheese' recipe. Or get in touch to find out how I could help you deal with your sleep demons...

Be Good to Yourself: my new stress workshop

Using the natural power of food and nutrients, I can support many health issues - including energy levels, weight loss, immune and hormone health, digestion, stress resilience, mood, allergies, sleep patterns and healthy ageing.   

  • One-to-one Consultations
  • Tailored Menu & Recipe Plans
  • Cooking Clinics
  • Food Shopping Coaching 
  • Functional Nutrition Testing
  • Workplace Wellbeing Solutions

Nutrition Know-How